specialist beauty By Gemma Marie

Earseeds | Auricular Therapy

30 Mins

Individual ear mapping , a needless procedure which lasts upto 5 days results can be instant up can take upto 3 weeks to have an effect. can be a one off treatment or you can have a course of treatments 

The ear seeds can aid weight loss, balance hormones, anxiety, stress and so much more 

Silver plated, 24k gold plated, pearl, chakra Swarovski crystal 


Luxury Medihand

1.5 Hours

Show your hands the love they deserve !

Heal, hydrate & rejuvenate your hands with  medically graded hand care. 

A Luxury Medihand manicure is the ultimate way to indulge & make your hands feel beautiful.

Luxury Medihand treamtent includes:
Intricate nail preparation & shaping of  the nail, Cuticle work, Illuminating nail cleanser that gently buffs the nails and cuticles, A Hydro-thermal exfoliant, An UltraMud mask with heated mitts, A massage with Ultra Rich Hand Therapy balm, Application of Cuticle MD oil And Finished with signature Gold Spritz.


Signature Medipedi

2.5 hours

This is a medical grade pedicure treatment.

With 8 targeted steps allowing you to focus on your needs, whether it be heel fissures, bacterial infections, dry / dehydrated feet, nail fungus or painful tired soles

Treatment includes:
Heel Peel, AHA Exfoliation, Purifying Clay Mask, Spa Additive, Cuticle MD/Fungal Force Application, Foot Perfector, Foot & Lower Leg Massage, Gold Spritz.

Also includes intricate nail preparation: taking care of nails and cuticles, maintaining good toenail health. 

Without Gel Polish:


With Gel Polish:







45mins – 1.5hrs

Is a standalone treatment focusing on removing hard skin & calluses from the feet.

Using a tonic that changes the pH level on the skin which enables the hard skin to effortlessly melt away:

The feet are then returned to their pH using a neutraliser, do a Foot protector balm is applied, toenails are cut filed 

Treatment includes:
Heel Peel, Foot Perfector, Gold Spritz 



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Gemma Marie has over 15 years experience working within a clinical environment as a practice nurse & manager, not only ensuring the highest standards of hygiene are met, but incorporating clinical knowledge & standards with beauty.

Enhancing natural beauty & empowering men & women both near & far. 

Not only is she an ear seed specialist, focusing on wellbeing with needle-less acupuncture, at Nanny Junes she also offers medical foot aesthetics treatments with a focus on nail health & condition.

Specialist Beauty By Gemma Marie

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